The pathway to sustainability

Together we make a difference

Currently, we are able to provide a sustainable solution for waste paper
through closed-looped recycling, where we collect, process and convert it into
a reusable product i.e. toilet tissue paper.

We are also the first and only recycling centre in Brunei with the capability to
produce toilet tissue paper using 100% recycled materials recovered from
responsible sources within the country.

We strongly believe that through the engagement of our services and by using
our product, the affiliation created will become a testimonial that you have
taken a right path on the way to creating a greener Brunei.

We are not just selling toilet paper, we are starting an Environmental Evolution.

The pathway to sustainability, together we can make a difference!

Deliver Solutions to global sustainability challenge

  1. To be Brunei’s pioneer resource centre service provider.
  2. Contribute to increasing Brunei’s recycling rate of up to 30% by year 2035
    through minimisation of recyclables going to landfill.
  3. Support local employment and development by shifting economic reliance away
    from oil and gas industry.
  4. Operate in a sustainable manner with minimal impact to health, safety and
    environment throughout its operation life.
  5. Promote sustainable waste disposal through awareness programs.
  6. Nurture eco-friendly attitude and behavior by embracing the 5Rs environmental
    principles - (Refuse,Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery).

EnEvo focuses more onto the 4th and 5th "R's" in the concept of "5R's"

We are a resource recovery centre. We use waste as input material to create usable new products.

Albeit small, our team is made up of 100% Bruneians. Young and energetic!
Made for Bruneians by Bruneians.

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We provide waste paper collection services to individual household as well as corporate requirement.